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Vican 32/432 Pump
(formerly the 180 Pump)


Vican Pump, manufactures Rotary Gear Positive-Displacement Pumps for a variety of fluid-handling applications.

Vican Pump is a registered trademark of Viking Pump of Canada Inc., A Unit of IDEX Corporation.There is some overlap between the Vican and Viking ranges, leading to very quick lead times on some common spare parts.

Vican 190 Pump

Vican 115 Pump


Vican Pumps application expertise allows us to supply pumps to meet your application challenges. To help ensure product integrity and pump reliability, each casting is made in an ISO-certified foundries. In-process inspections, testing and comprehensive SPC program further maximize pump reliability.


Vican 124 Pump

Vican 75/475

Vican 260 Pump


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