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Scientific Tube Pump Series

Industrial Hose Pump Series

OEM and Panel Mounted Pumps


Tube pumps are perfect when you require a much more gentle pumping action.

The Smart and Scientific ranges are both fully programmable with the option for multiple heads. These tube pumps provide the most accurate dosing and repeatability possible. Capable of handling viscous and chemically aggressive liquids as well as shear sensitive products, tube pumps are a hygienic pumping solution for dosing chemicals, inks, food and drinks.

Verderflex hose pumps provide the solution to the most demanding jobs. The VF range is capable of flow rates up to 90m³/hr or 390 US GPM and can handle highly viscous and abrasive fluids. The innovative Dura hose pump has a smaller footprint and a design that gives you the best possible performance from a peristaltic hose pump. Both are suited for heavy duty applications such as water and wastewater slurry, mining applications where there is often a high solid content and for accurate dosing. The enhanced hose design ensures that any Verderflex hose pump handles the toughest jobs with the minimum downtime.


A selection of tube and hose pumps intended for use in Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM). The Industrial range provides a balanced selection of simple to operate peristaltic pumps. They provide flow rates up to 4.8 l/min. The panel mounted tube pumps can fit almost any application and are found dosing detergents, chemicals and medicines, accurately filling bottles or in drinks vending machines. All applications where a highly accurate, repeatable and compact pump are required.

Hoses and Lubricant

Verderflex offers a variety of hoses and tubes so that you get the best product for the job. This ensures a longer hose life and a better pump for you.

Verderlube is a specifically designed industrial lubricant which is used to keep your pump working at peak performance. The unique formula allows you to get maximum use out of your hose.


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