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Micro annular gear pumps are miniaturized rotary positive displacement pumps for dosing and dispensing of low to high viscous liquids.




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HNP Mikrosysteme produce some of the worlds most precise low volume pumps. With several series of pump available the brand is found in use across a wide range of industries including pharaceutical, food & beverage, nuclear, automotive and petro-chemical.

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Benefits of mzr® Technology

  • Small dimensions
  • High precision and repeatability
  • Low flow dosage in the ml range
  • Service life and easy maintenance
  • Pulseless delivery
  • Wearless operation
  • Abrasion resistant due to ultra-hard materials
  • Small number of parts & moving parts
  • No valves
  • Small dead volume
  • Vibrationless & noiseless operation
  • Self-priming
  • Low shear stress in liquids
  • Excellent dynamic feature
  • Long time precision
  • Revertible (change of flow direction)
  • Middle and high pressure range
  • Delivery of low and high viscous liquids robust, proof principle out of hydraulics
  • Wearless because of reducing gear effect
  • Good NPSH-value

Hermetic Inert Series

Ex-Pumps (Atex)

High Performance Series

Low Pressure Series

Modular Series

Magnetic Hermetic Series


Micro annular gear pumps are positive displacement pumps and are provided with an external toothed internal rotor as well as with an annular toothed external rotor which bear slightly eccentric to each other.

Both rotors with their cycloidal indenting are at any time interlocked and form a system of several sealed pumping chambers during rotation. As the rotors rotate around their offset axis, the pumping chambers increase on the induction side and decrease on the delivery side of the pump at the same time.
A homogeneous flow rate is generated between the kidney-like in- and outlet.

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