HNP Mikrosysteme

Micro annular gear pumps are miniaturized rotary positive displacement pumps for dosing and dispensing of low to high viscous liquids.




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Magnetic Hermetic Series



The mzr-4661 is the first pump of the new magnetic driven, hermetic MH series. Equipped with a powerful inner magnet system and an integrated speed control, it reaches a precise and pulse less volume flow from 4.8 ml/min up to 72 ml/min as well as a pressure of 6 bar. Especially, the compact dimensions have to be outlined. The pump has a diameter of 22 mm and a length of 69 mm. Applications for this magnetic hermetic pump are typically crystallizing, oxygen sensitive or outgassing liquids as well as fuel cells, AdBlue delivery or dialysis. All areas, where avoidance of leakage is an important criterion this new pump can be used and prove its superiority regarding to long service life.


  • Flow rate 4.8 - 72 ml/min
  • Viscosity range 0.3 - 100 mPas
  • Differential pressure 0 - 5 bar
  • Pulsation 6%
  • Canned brushless DC-motor with integrated speed controller
  • Measurements diameter 22 mm, length 69 mm
  • Weight approx. 100 g



pump size mzr-4661
displacement volume µl 12
flow rate ml/min 4.8 - 72
max. flow rate l/h 4.32
differential pressure range bar 0 - 5
viscosity range mPas 0.3 - 100

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Product information mzr-4661

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