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At Thomson Process we can supply all of the products made by FLSmidth Krebs Engineers. The most popular products by far is their range of Hydrocyclones.

  Through extensive testing, the Krebs gMAX cyclone performance has been proven in a wide variety of applications including:
  • Copper Ore
  • Coal
  • Iron Ore
  • Phosphate
  • Gold
  • Molybdenum
  • Potash


  • Finer, sharper particle separations at high capacities
  • Fewer cyclones needed for optimal performance
  • Available in sizes ranging from 2 to 33 inch in diameter with 1 inch thick replaceable liners
  • Operates at higher feed densities at the same separation size
  • Operates at lower cyclone inlet pressure
  • Can be retrofitted into existing installations



The Krebs gMAX is a new generation of cyclone, re-engineered from apex to vortex finder. The Krebs gMAX cyclone has the capability to produce finer and sharper particle separations using large, high capacity cyclones.

The gMAX cyclone performance level was formerly only achievable using many small diameter cyclones, at a much higher capital cost.

The gMAX cyclone design includes new modern apex, cone, and inlet head designs that feature performance enhancing benefits as a well as one inch thick elastomer or ceramic liners for increased wear life. The cyclone inlet and cylindrical sections have been modified to minimize turbulence and wear, but still have the capability to operate at much higher capacities than our competitor's cyclones.


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