Expansion Joints





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Thomson Process Equipment & Engineering Ltd, Dublin, Ireland - IDEX agents for Ireland

Thomson Process Equipment & Engineering Ltd. produce a wide range of fabric compensators, ducts and expansion joints, specifically made to your requirements. In addition to this we also supply pre-manufactured bellows and expansion joints for standardised applications.


Sample Scope of Supply;

  • High Temperature Fabric Expansion Joints
    Typical application: Power Stations, Cement Factories, Kilns and refractory production.
    Materials: Composites of glass fibre and high temp matting. Standard constuctions up to 1000 degrees celcius. Special constructions have been supplied in the past up to 1600 degrees.

  • Regular Duty Expansion Joints and Ducts
    Typical Application: Waste shutes and ducts, ash handling, hot air ducting.
    Materials: Rubber coated glass cloth, rubber, EPDM.

  • Heavy Duty Expansion Joints and Ducts
    Corrosive environments, very high temperature, high mechanical stress applications.
    Materials: Composite PTFE materials.

  • FDA Approved Ducting
    Typical application: Pharmaceutical and food powders, sanitary gases, infant nutrician products.
    Materials: Reinforced silicone.

  • Bellows
    Typical application: pulsation damper, liquids and chemical transfer.
    Materials: Rubber, Viton, CSM, EPDM.

  • Glass Fibre Products
    We supply spools of glass fibre tapes, ropes and lagging, as well as various high temperature blankets and fabrics - call for details.

  • Anti-Static Ducting for AtEx Zones
    In some Atex Zones, a anti-static electricity compatible material may be required. We can supply this in a range of mechanical strengths.

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