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Thomson Process Equipment & Engineering Ltd, Dublin, Ireland - IDEX agents for Ireland

At Thomson Process Equipment & Engineering Ltd. we supply an extremely wide range of pump and application accessories.

Most popular accessories:

  • Drive equipment - motors, drive couplings and gearboxes
  • Mountings - Baseplates, level adjusters and shims
  • Safety - Coupling guards and shrouds
  • Integration - Variable speed drives (Inverter)
  • Filtration - filters and strainers (click here )
  • Painting and Coatings - Marine, NORSOK etc.

Wright Flow Technologies Sterilobe SLBS Pump with Nord Gear inline gearbox driven by AtEx Motor. All on a polished 304 SS Baseplate with Atex drive coupling & coupling guard
  Motors &
AtEx Motors

Pumps can be coupled to a motor directly without a gearbox. Depending on the application a variable speed drive may be required. We can supply motors from most of the well known brands as well as from other budget manufacturers.
Where Atex or API certification is required, a compatible motor for your safety requirment zone type can be specified.


Gearboxes &
Geared Motor Units

Where a process or pump speed needs to be exact or requires low speed, a gear reduction can be used instead of or in conjuction with a variable speed drive.
For applications which are limited by the space available for the pump unit, a gearbox may be specified to orientate the drive at 90 degrees to the pump shaft.
We can supply drive setups from many major manufacturers.

  Pump Mounting Brackets To avoid the need for a baseplate and the need for coupling alignment each time the pump is removed from the production line, several of our pump brands offer a flange mounted pump which cannot be mounted out of line. A mounting bracket or bellhousing is used between the pump and motor to facilitate this.

Flange mounted pump and motor aligned by footed mounting bracket
  Stainless Steel
Plain Steel Baseplates

Where a mounting bracket isn't suitable for the pump specified, a base plate can be fabricated to suit the pump and drive. Available in polished 304 Stainless Steel or in budget mild steel, these baseplates are made to order. For a neat plant, stainless is always recommended as the price difference is only marginal.

  • Small baseplates are made to the Omega design with a foot on each side
  • Large baseplates are made to the Omega design with internal reinforcers
  • Baseplates for hygenic applications are made to the Sigma design, with the foot under the main deck of the baseplate

Sample stainless baseplate shown at the top of the page.

  Fastenings, Flanges
& Pipes

On some occasions, customers have asked for a specific port coupling arrangement on their pump. We can offer threaded ports, ANSI flanges and DIN Flanges on our industrial pumps. Hygenic pumps generally come with clamped ports, but not exclusively. Please include your port specification in your application details.

We also offer the following:

  • Companion flanges
  • Clamps
  • High tensile bolting
  • Clamp flange gaskets in a range of materials
  • Flange leak protectors for hazardous liquids
  Paint & Coatings

Marine environments and some industries require specific paint specifications. If the manufacturer's paint spec if not suitable we can offer alternatives or take your specification and have the pump and assembly painted. Common paint options taken by customers are Marine grade and NORSOK approved. We can paint to any RAL colour.

  Drive Couplings

We offer two brands of drive coupling with our pump assemblies.

  • A budget brand which has steel hubs and a rubber element which gives good wear
  • A high end brand, KTR, which has a choice of hub materials, Shore 92 flexible element and Atex Certification if required. These couplings give excellent wear
  Stainless Steel &
Atex Coupling Guards

To compliment our baseplate range, we also offer both stainless steel and polypropylene coupling guards. The PP guards are non-sparking and suitable for use with AtEx motors and couplings. The guards are availabe individually or as part of a pump assembly.


  Steel Work &
  We can offer a one-stop-shop solution for customers requiring an expansion joint and companion steel work. We work with some of the industry's most experienced fabricators to produce bespoke flanges, flow guides and ducting to your specification.  
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